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In Remembrance of Jane . . . .

Posted on Nov 26, 2013 by in Featured, Latest Projects, Special Occasions |

Every year during the first part of December, my second family congregates in Las Vegas for a working vacation, i.e. conference. It is the annual ICAS Convention (Interenational Council of Airshows), where performers, promoters and lovers of airshows all go to plan for next year and remember and critic the last.

One of the most somber parts of our time in Vegas is always remembering those that left us far too early. Of course, this year we will be remembering our friend Jane Wicker, who was killed this summer while doing what she loved best – walking the wings of her beloved Aurora.

My friend, Brooke, was a good friend of Janes, and wanted to honor her in a special way this year. Jane loved all things vintage -as in roaring 20’s. So, Brooke asked me to help her create¬† 20’s look for the final night of our conference, when we have our awards banquet. It’s our very own ‘red carpet’, in which we have the opportunity to dress up like rock stars!

Off to Gails, again . . . .  This time we really lucked out! We found the perfect fabric; covered in tiny sequins, ranging in color from palest silver gray to navy blue. Small enough in size that my sweet Ella (short for Ellageo) stitched right through them.


I made her very simple tank top with an asymetrical hemline and scooped neck. She plans to wear it over a dress she already had, and to wear a very vintagy sequined headband as well. She will certainly have the look down!

I know Jane will be looking down on her and smiling!