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Satin & Lace; 1980’s to 2014

Posted on Jan 4, 2014 by in Latest Projects |

Ah yes . . . yet another Vintage make-over!

As many of these as I have done, it still amazes me how simply constructed dresses were back then!  No lining, no seam finishing, bare bones construction at best.

I do wish I had a picture to share of the original dress; however, by the time it was brought to me, it had already been partially taken apart! The brides grandmother had thought she would re-make it for her, but after removing the sleeves and opening the back, decided that it was work better done by a professional!

I can tell you this: the original dress had long lace sleeves, a deep V-neck, a cumberbund style waistband, and an a-line skirt. The lace on the dress covered the sleeves and the waistband. The skirt was a layer of cheap satin and a layer of chiffon. This was obviously a home made dress, as many wedding dresses were – back in the day.

The bride’s request was to make the dress into a strapless lace gown. It was about 6 inches too small across the back – though it fit fine across the front of the bodice. So, she wanted a lace up back put in, as well.  First order of business was to basically take it apart.

  1.   Here you can see that only the waistband pieces had the lace overlay.2014-01-02 002 001

     In this picture you can see the marking lines I made on the front bodice to create a strapless.

2014-01-02 002 003

Next, I cut the new pattern pieces, including all the layers (lining, interfacing, underlining, satin, and lace) adjusting the sizes of the back pieces according to the measurments I had taken.

2014-01-02 002 006

After a few adjustments that had to be made to the front bodice piece, I finally got it sewn together! I only added boning pieces at the sides of the dress, for now.  I will likely be sewing in the bra she gave me that she plans to wear. I will probably add some more boning at the back panel as well.

2014-01-03 001 001

This afternoon I cut lace and organza pieces (to replace the chiffon-which was in pretty bad shape; plus the organza will support the lace better than the chiffon) for the skirt. Tomorrow I will cut lining pieces for the skirt and get it all sewn together!

My Bride will come for her fitting the beginning of the week, and we can determine the back panel and lace up measurements, as well as the hem.

So far I am very pleased!