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The Rhthym of Beading

Posted on Jan 16, 2014 by in Latest Projects |

Growing up I was never musical and I was never coordinated enough to follow specific dance steps.  Jazzercize? Bombed out pretty quickly. Even a step class was a diseaster.  Just never had any rhthym.

But I have found my groove in a sewing technique – beading. There is a certain rhthym to the art of beading.  Pushing the needle through the fabric, catching the bead, and pushing the needle through the fabric again.  When you find your rhthym, it can be a very calming act.

beading 002

Today I spent several hours in this calm place, rebeading a dress for a client.  A very pretty , vintage style black beaded short dress, that had quite a few beads missing or loose.

beading 004

 I am happy to have been able to enjoy fixing it for her!

2014-01-16 001 002