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Adding A Lace Caplet

Posted on Feb 12, 2017 by in Custom Designs, Featured, Special Occasions |

She came to me with a gorgeous champagne lace gown. It only needed a hem at the back to get rid of the extra long train. But, she was also hopeful that I could do something to cover the back of her shoulders. The dress had straps, but the back ‘neckline’ dropped to bra strap level, and she had a large tattoo she was hoping to cover for her special event.

Fortunately, the lace train I cut off was the perfect length to add at the back of the shoulder area, for a lovely caplet! Since the bodice of the bodice of the gown had some pretty beading on it, I decided to add just a bit of beading to the caplet as well. I also added covered buttons to the caplet, just for show.

She was thrilled with her new look! I was too!