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Oldies but Goodies!

Posted on Feb 8, 2017 by in Lessons Learned |

I have recently been rebuked, by several people, for coming back from a long hiatus (in the fall), and then jumping right back into the hiatus! So, here I am – again!

I’ve spent time recently, cleaning out files on my computer, and in doing so, came across pictures of dresses I had made back when my business was new. ¬†Most, if not all, of these dresses could be considered non-traditional wedding dresses – which I seem to get a lot of. When a bride can’f find what she wants in the Bridal Shops, she comes to me! ¬†Thought I would bring them back, just for nostalgia’s sake (is that a word?). Enjoy!

First up is a fun beach wedding ensemble – not a traditional wedding dress, but a sarong with bustier! I made smaller sarongs for her 2 young daughters as well! So fun!



Another non-traditional wedding dress; this pretty in pink dress was for a lovely lady, going into her marriage with a very specific idea of what she wanted, and also what she didn’t want. Pink was her signature color, and she certainly looked lovely in it!

This pretty ivory and lace tea-length dress was for a beach wedding, as well. She wanted a 2-piece dress that she could remove the more modest over dress, and wear just the chemise for the reception.

I actually got an order for this dress on line. It is a copy of a dress I had originally made for a Bridal Fashion Show. She wanted a couple of slight changes – color, size and beading embellishments. I never actually met her – she sent me her measurements (taken by a professional, per my request!), and I sent it to her when it was finished. She told me it fit perfectly!

This was the first wedding dress I made when I began my business, 10 years ago. One of my first voyages into creating my own pattern! Another bride that knew exactly what she wanted. Low-waisted, tea length, with wide sash at low waist.