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A Golden Wedding

Posted on Feb 12, 2017 by in Custom Designs, Featured, Weddings |

Claire came to me through a word of mouth reference (the very best advertising!), about a year ago. she had a wedding coming up and had found a dress on a dress rental site that she really loved. The only problem was that she could not get a guarantee that the dress would still be available in 8 months (her wedding date).

She showed me the online photo, and we discussed exactly what her specific likes and dislikes were about it. It would not be your traditional wedding dress, by any means. It would be something so beautiful and so fantastic, that she would want to, and be able to wear it often!

Made of gold sequins, it fit her like a glove. The sequins were a challenge to work with, but I absolutely loved working on this dress.  So much so, that I recently made another  just like it (but that’s another story!)

The design of the dress kind of evolved as we went. Originally, she had wanted a drape across one shoulder, and maybe even straps.   The skirt became narrower at thigh and hip, and more flared at the hem.  In the end, it was perfect.